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Visit the must-see hidden-jewel

Just a short driving distance from Bengaluru

Enjoy Omtara Kuteera’s amazing architecture which is bedecked in intricate sculptures and paintings that depict India’s rich cultural heritage and ithihasic yore. Experience peace and tranquility of nature – verdant farmland, colorful gardens, chirping birds, buzzing bees, and beautiful butterflies

Imbibe Omtara Kuteera’s positive vibrations and get energized

A destination like none other for you to discover

Is it a temple, a museum, a palace, or a resort? Omtara is whatever you make it to be

Whether you only have time for a quick visit on your way to Belur and Halebid, or whether you have all day to soak in and leisurely enjoy its beauty, a visit to Omtara Kuteera is memorable to say the least. A visit to Omtara Kuteera has been described by guests as “Heaven on Earth”, “Place of Divinity”, “Uplifts my Soul”, and “Source of Peace and Happiness”.

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The gods beckon you; the art enthralls you

The intricate art at Omtara Kuteera is infused with divinity

Omtara Kuteera’s art-bedecked interiors glorify the gods and depict stories of them from our ancient ithihasas. Your ishta devatas and other forms of divinity grace the halls and walls of Omtara Kuteera.

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Green lawns, colorful gardens, and verdant woods

Relax in the bosom of Mother Nature at Omtara Kuteera

Why fly or drive for hours to get to a pristine destination for the weekend, when Omtara Kuteera is just an hour away from Bengaluru? Our gardens complement and enhance the beautiful architecture and art at Omtara.


Food at Omtara Kuteera

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and to a woman’s too!

While the beauty of the art, architecture, and nature at Omtara Kuteera nourishes your soul, the food at Omtara Kuteera satiates your hunger and nourishes your body. We offer healthy, delicious, and scrumptious vegetarian food and non-alcoholic beverages to our visitors.


Activities at Omtara Kuteera

Thoroughly enjoy your day with indoor & outdoor games

Play traditional games at Omtara Kuteera – indoor games such as pallankuzhi, pachisi, chaupat, nondi, moksha patam etc. – and outdoor games such as kho kho, lagori, gilli danda, lattoo, kancha and kabbadi.   Want to play modern games… well then play antakshari, musical chair, carrom, cricket, croquet, badminton, soccer, or table tennis.  And yes, you can work out in our gym, swim in our rustic pool, ride mountain bikes, hike the surrounding hills, and fly kites too.

But don’t forget… learning is an important activity too.  Those of you who are not very familiar with India’s cultural and ithihasic heritage will learn a lot from hearing the stories from our puranas and ithihasas that are carved, painted and displayed on the walls and in the halls of Omtara Kuteera.