Love Art? Love Culture? Want to be a Patron and support us? Every rupee we receive at Omtara Kuteera is being invested back into making the Vision a reality. While we are relentlessly investing everything we have into it, we invite philanthropists and like minded individuals and organizations who are blessed with the ability and inclination to give, to help us advance the vision and mission of Omtara Kuteera. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We have taken that first step with what we have done at Omtara Kuteera. Join us on this journey. Join hands with us to create some of the most amazing art and cultural exhibits that are complimented with modern technology, to bring ancient India to life for our future generations to know.

Got Art? Do you have art in your possession that you would like others to see and enjoy?  Do you have art that you want kept well and safe for posterity?  If yes, consider lending them or donating them to Omtara Kuteera.   You will always get credit for the display of your artwork.   We have many planned projects that would benefit greatly from your support.  Some of them are listed below.  You are welcome to support any of them based on your preference.  Every person’s help matters.  Every rupee matters.  Thank you for supporting Omtara Kuteera.

  • Devalaya  Hall: This exhibit is under contruction now at Omtara Kuteera. It is a 40,000 sq ft structure, with the entire theme of the art and structure being the puranic stories of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi
  • Bodh Gaya Hall: Let us celebrate the life and teachings of Lord Buddha, by building a Stupa shaped structure that houses art and educational materials on his life. By utilizing visual and performing arts, and by utilizing modern electronic and educational means, the message of peace and love that Lord Buddha
  • Virata-Purusha Vishwaroopa Exhibit: What form did Lord Krishna reveal to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra?  We can let our imagination run wild.   Everything we can imagine must have been a part of this Virata Purusha.  Let us together build an amazing exhibit that will enable us to see what Arjuna might have seen thousands of years back when he was receiving the Geethopadesha from Lord Almighty.  The scale and beauty of this exhibit should be such that we humans would appear to be very tiny and insignificant before it, just as Arjuna must have felt he was when compared to what he saw.  Once created, may this exhibit enlighten people for decades and centuries to come with the stories and teachings of Bhagvath Geetha brought to masses in easily digestible chunks with the aid of modern technology.

If you are interested in contributing funds, material or offering any kind of support towards any of the above projects, please contact us. We are also planning, and are very much interested in creating such exhibits celebrating Jainism, Sikhism and other cultures of India.