Festivals, Felicitations, Concerts, and Retreats


Would you like to felicitate the achievements of somebody you respect, and invite a large gathering of people for this occasion?

Do like minded people want to get together for cultural or spiritual retreat?  How about celebrating your important festivals with your family, relatives, friends and your community gathered together as a group?

Wouldn’t it be memorable to conduct any traditional dances or music concerts in a place charged with cosmic vibrations? Wouldn’t it be all the more melodious when traditional classical music concerts, ghazals, and bhajans are conducted in devotion inspiring environs?

Any use that you can think of, for which a unique place charged with cosmic vibrations is required, would be appropriate usage for Omthara Kala Kuteera.

Omthara Kala Kuteera is available for these types of concerts and more.

Book your event now, and know you made a great choice!

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