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Create indelible lifelong memories

Omtara Kuteera’s picturesque, divine, art-bedecked, palatial location amidst green lawns and verdant woods; and memorable, colorful, fun-filled event packages steeped in traditional and modern culture; make your marriage and your other personal events exhilarating and unforgettable for you and for all your guests

A palatial “destination wedding” location for you

Omtara Kuteera is just a short drive from the heart of Bengaluru

Whether you are having a cozy wedding with a hundred guests or less, or whether you are inviting thousands, Omtara Kuteera offers you the right space to make your wedding very comfortable, warm, fun, exciting and an event to remember lifelong.

Divine blessings at every turn for you

Gods come uninvited to your wedding at Omtara Kuteera

Omtara Kuteera’s art-bedecked interiors glorify the gods and depict stories of them from our ancient ithihasas. Your ishta devata and other forms of divinity grace the halls and walls of Omtara Kuteera.

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Green lawns, colorful gardens, and verdant woods

Mother nature participates in and blesses your wedding at Omtara Kuteera

Why fly and drive for hours to get to a pristine destination to celebrate your sacred and joyous event, when Omtara Kuteera is just an hour away from Bengaluru? Our gardens complement and enhance the beautiful architecture and art at Omtara.


Your wedding at Omtara Kuteera

Let’s make your wedding picture-perfect without you worrying about the details

Choose any or all services that we offer.  We will make a custom package for you so that your wedding is unique and memorable in every way, to address your preferences, tastes and budgets.  You can leave the planning and heavy lifting to us.  Our wedding planners, event managers, priests, chefs, decorators, DJs, entertainers, artists, photographers, etc. are there to make your dream wedding a reality.  Our service options also include unique handcrafted gifts that commemorate your wedding for your guests.

Smaller function halls for a couple of hundred guests, large function hall that can seat five hundred or more, lawns for much larger events with thousand or more guests, beautiful shamianas, dining areas that accommodate hundreds at a time, rooms to accommodate 50 to 100 guests overnight, and parking for several buses and over 200 cars are available at Omtara Kuteera.

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