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Marriages are made in Heaven at Omtara Kuteera

Let’s make your wedding a memorable one… and let’s make it work within your budget
Plan well in advance to ensure availability and to put together a memorable event

Let us know:

  • Dates for your wedding
  • How many days you want your wedding to be?
  • Whether you want just the space to manage the wedding yourself, OR whether you want a custom wedding package that includes wedding planning, photography, food, event management, entertainment, etc.? If you want a custom wedding package, please let us know:
    • How many and what events you would like to have?
    • How many guests will you have for each event?
    • What type of wedding would you like – South Indian, North Indian etc. – each region and state of India has its own unique events
    • What cuisines you would like? We only offer and permit vegetarian or vegan food at Omtara
    • What types of entertainment you would want at your events?
    • What gifts and favors would you like to give your guests?
    • What is your budget?

Custom wedding package: We will

  • Custom design the events for you
  • Take responsibility for managing the events so that they go on very well
  • Deliver the most value for your budget, so that you can have the best wedding you could with it

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