The future we dream

Picture a place where one can go to experience the variegated culture, religions, and traditions of India; from its ancient roots to its modern times. That is the vision of Omtara Kuteera. Although only a very small fraction of this vision has taken shape as of now, the environs of Omtara Kuteera will give the visitor a glimpse into the future of this place.

For more details on the immediate future that we dream of, and for an opportunity to be part of that dream, please see content in Support and Patronage

What we have today

The first grand structure of Omtara Kuteera has been fully constructed.  It is primarily dedicated to bringing to life the stories of Lord Vishnu.  In this Vishnu Dham Ksheera Sagara structure, India’s culture and spirituality is depicted visually in the form of art of various forms; from sculptures in stone, metal, wood and stucco, to paintings made of oil & vegetable dyes.

The structure of Omtara Kuteera is itself a work of art. With soaring ceilings, beautiful cornices, decorative beams, grand arches, statuesque columns, multilevel porticos, grand staircases, massive doors, circular rooms, curved granite walls, multilevel floors, the structure of Omtara Kuteera, even without the art work in it, is a pleasure to behold.

Art from different regions of India adorn the walls and halls of Omtara Kuteera. Serpentine stone and Sandstone sculptures from Orissa, Bronze and Wooden sculptures from Tamil Nadu, large Frescoes of vegetable and oil paints from Bihar & Orissa, Marble designs from Rajastan, oil paintings from Kerala, and much more make Omtara Kuteera what it is.


The cause we are committed to

We are committed to providing a fun and educational experience to all our guests, young and old, Indian and non-Indian; we are committed to making them aware and educating them about India’s rich history, culture, mythology and spirituality.

To that end, we are combining tradition art forms; paintings, sculptures, and performing arts; with modern technology to bring to life stories of the past so that we can enthrall and educate our citizens of the future.