Everybody is welcome!

Everybody is welcome to Omtara Kuteera.  To visit us, make a reservation online, or just come in during our regular hours. We are open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm.

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We only have a few simple rules

  • Always wear your Omtara wrist-band while you are on Omtara property. Help us keep the place secure by wearing this identification at all times while you are at Omtara Kuteera, and by complying with other security related requests that our staff make.
  • Please do not touch, brush or lean on any of the artwork at Omtara Kuteera. Oil from our skin and abrasion causes deterioration of the paintings and sculptures.
  • Food is permitted only in designated areas. Under no circumstance should food be brought into or consumed in areas that display artwork.
  • External food and beverages are not permitted at Omtara Kuteera. We make all arrangements for food and beverages, be it for visitors coming in to just see it, or for others who want to conduct events at Omtara Kuteera.  If you want to bring your own food, or your own caterers, special permission is required.
  • Drugs, smoking, alcoholic beverages and consumption of meat, poultry or fish are not permitted in Omtara Kuteera. Please comply with this and respect the environs of Omtara Kuteera.